We are a non-breed specific, not-for-profit rescue; our goal is to help dogs in need, whether that be a stray or abandoned dog, an owner release, or a dog rescued from the local shelter. The majority of dogs in our care were rescued from the county shelter’s short-term rescue list, which means they were on a deadline for euthanasia. We are entirely foster based, so our ability to help dogs depends on how many foster homes we have.  We can always use more fosters!

Bridge Rescue provides all medical care for our foster dogs through a network of veterinarians throughout the community. We also provide a crate, supplies, toys, food, and training (if needed). We are always in need of new volunteers and foster homes. If you are interested in becoming either, please fill out one of our applications. Bridge loves our fosters; without them, we could not function and hundreds of dogs would not have been given a second chance.   

In addition to literally saving dogs’ lives, we also engage in educational outreach programs to provide post-adoption support as well as educate the public on spaying/neutering and the importance of vaccinations and good health care for all dogs. Our 10-year goal includes the establishment of a sanctuary for long-term housing of harder-to-adopt dogs.