Will BRDG adopt out a dog to a home with unaltered animals?

–No, unless the owner has a letter from their veterinarian stating a medical reason necessary for it not having surgery.

Will BRDG adopt out to homes where the dog will be an outside only pet?

–No. BRDG strongly believes that as family members our dogs should be kept indoors. Doggie doors and supervised outdoor time are the perfect ways for a dog to enjoy the yard while remaining safe and comfortable.

Does BRDG require a home visit for adoption?

–We require a yard check prior to adoption unless other arrangements are made with a board member.

Will BRDG adopt out of state?

–Yes. However, these are special circumstances and must be approved by the board. A yard check will still be applicable via video or photos, and transport will be arranged via adopter if approved.

What is the adoption process?

–After an adoption application is filled out by an interested party, we will arrange for the adopter to meet the dog. If the adopter has other dogs, a meet & greet must be arranged between the adoptable dog and the resident dog(s). After a successful meet & greet, we will arrange for a BRDG representative to do a yard check. The final step is to execute an adoption contract and collect the $125 adoption fee. 

How long does fostering a dog last?

–As long as it takes to get that dog adopted! For some dogs it’s only a matter of weeks, while others live with their foster families for several months. 

What kind of support does BRDG offer their fosters?

–We provide all medical care and training through a network of veterinarians and trainers throughout the community. We also provide crates, supplies, toys, and food if needed. In addition, BRDG will cover boarding expenses or find a vacation foster when foster families have travel plans.