Male Dogs/Puppies

All Bridge adoptable dogs and puppies come fully vetted, micro-chipped, vaccinated (including rabies), and altered (unless otherwise noted).  See specific bios for each dog for more detailed information.  Bridge adoption fee is $125 for adult dogs (over 6 months) and $250 for puppies (under 6 months, which includes a basic obedience training class).

Oddball (Oddy) URGENT: Foster or Adopter needed!

  fullsizerender-12 oddyodd-paccoddy-paccoddy-toy-paccoddball

Oddball might be one of the cutest pups we have seen in a long time.  He is a 4.5-year-old pit mix (although we are sure there is some Jedi in there somewhere!) who was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owner on 6/11/16, Oddy’s 4th birthday 😥 (est. DOB 6/11/12).  He ended up being a long-timer and volunteer favorite who found himself the short-term-rescue list (at risk for euthanasia) because he became very tired of and stressed by shelter life.  He was pulled for a Bridge foster on 8/11/16 after spending 2 long months in the crowded shelter.  He absolutely LOVES toys and can spend hours chewing on a bone.  Per his foster, “he is such a good boy:  very low-maintenance and just needs to find a home” where he can be the center of attention with unlimited toys.  😉  He might do well with a submissive canine of like size (45 lbs.) but cannot go to a home with any small dogs or animals as he showed high prey drive toward cats and smaller dogs during his evaluation.  And because he really loves his toys, he likes to think they are his and only his so his foster has been working with him.  He is showing great improvement in understanding she is in charge of the toys; just look at the focus he is showing in that second picture for a toy that is out of view.  

If you have another pet, please let us know in your application how you will prevent any issues with resource guarding (potential fights over toys) in the household.  If you don’t have any other pets, then for what are you waiting?  Oddball is your guy!!  He is just as sweet as can be and ready for a home all his own.  Just look at that smile; how can you not fall in love?


avlin alvin alvinhammock

Alvin is a 2 yr old chow shar-pei mix (~50 lb). He was first brought into PACC as a stray, but now has a loving foster home and searching for a forever home. Alvin is just a bundle of energy. His favorite thing in the world is going for a nice long morning run or hike. He will need a home that will be able to provide him with plenty of exercise, and ideally a fenced in yard for him to run around in. In fact, he loves running so much that he doesn’t even need to chase a toy to get going. Actually, he will forget he even had a toy in the first place once he starts running. Alvin will do best in a home where there are no other dogs, and no young kids; he does not quite understand the importance of being gentle while playing or when eating a treat. His favorite pastimes include hogging the bed, following his foster mommy around the house, and destroying his toys. No toy can withstand his might.



Kino is a five-year-old male pit mix (est. DOB 5/13/11)  who has overcome many challenges in his life so far but has quite the determined spirit and always remains a delight to be around, no matter the setbacks. Kino was first brought to PACC on 12/16/15 to be euthanized because he was very underweight and could no longer walk due to severe pain caused by a spinal infection. Thanks to numerous pledges and a foster who welcomed him into their home, Kino received a second chance at life.  He was put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, and with love, care, and some rehab in his foster home he has made a spectacular recovery! Kino is now able to walk and play normally and loves a good game of tug-of-war. He would make a great companion to anyone looking for a mellow, lovable pup. Kino is mature enough to be trustworthy in the home without supervision, but young enough to be spunky and playful. Kino would do best in a home without other dogs or small animals, but will repay you with complete and utter loyalty! Kino adores children of all ages and is respectful of toddlers who need extra space to walk. He has wonderful house manners; he knows how to use a dog door and understands that counter surfing is not an approved sport. Kino is an all-around great dog.  He has endured so much while still maintaining his fun and playful manner and trust for the people in his life, and he will make a great addition to any family.



Echo is finishing up his last heartworm treatments. He is such a sweet boy that gets along with cats, dogs and kids. Contact us to meet him!


Roman is a 4-year-old, brown and white pit mix who has lots of love to give and lots of energy to expend.

Biography (by Amy, Roman’s foster mom since February 2016)

I first met Roman at his temporary home in the Twin Peaks Veterinary Center. After being removed from the shelter with a few minutes to spare, and cycled through two foster homes in the past several months, the poor guy had experienced a lot of upheaval at the hands of humans. Despite his tumultuous past, he was nothing but loving towards my husband and me. He excitedly wagged his tail and ran around his small room while we gave him pets and attention. We fell in love with his enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to take him home as our foster dog. There was only one minor hurdle: We had to make sure he got along with our dog, Addy.

After greeting Roman indoors, the vet tech recommended we take him and Addy for a walk on the property. It sounded easy enough. I took his leash while my husband got Addy from the car. What could go wrong? A lot, it turns out. Roman didn’t like being on the leash with another dog on his property. He barked at her. Then, he lunged, almost pulling me down with his incredible strength. It took a few minutes to get the situation under control. I was scared, and began to doubt whether they could coexist in our home. We left the veterinary center without Roman that night.

The vet tech recommended we try another meet and greet at a different location, so a Bridge volunteer brought Roman to my neighborhood the following week. I met her on my street with Addy, and much to my surprise, Roman and Addy were able to walk together just fine! I couldn’t believe how much his behavior had changed now that he wasn’t defending his territory. We brought them both in our backyard and Addy immediately wanted to play with him. Roman wasn’t nearly as excited as she was about playing, but he was happy to oblige. He loved our backyard, and ran laps around it excitedly. We knew he was ready to move in.

Since their initial rough meeting, Roman and Addy have happily coexisted. He has shown some food aggression towards her, so we feed them separately to keep a safe environment. Roman still struggles with aggression and pulling when he is on leash and meeting other dogs. He seems to do fine with dogs that are naturally more submissive (like Addy), but will jump to protect himself if he feels threatened by a dominant dog. He has bitten another dog who ran up to him while he was on his leash. Walking and running without him pulling continues to be my biggest challenge. He has made great gains in this area, but more work needs to be done.

Roman’s occasional aggression is a shame, because it overshadows how incredibly loyal and loving he is in our home. My husband and I often joke that he is the perfect dog inside the house. He quickly learned our house rules (e.g. when he is allowed on the couch, where he eats, that he needs to sit for food, etc), and is always eager to please us. He greets us with love and excitement whenever we come home, and is happy to follow us from room to room in the house. He wants to be wherever we are, which makes being around him such a wonderful feeling.

Roman is the sixth dog I’ve lived with, and is hands down the most loving and loyal. It’s hard to imagine that he almost lost his life because he couldn’t handle the shelter environment, but it’s true. He does need more structure and care than your average dog. Yet, the love he’ll show you in return is worth it. We are happy to care for him until he finds his forever family. I know he’s going to make them so happy!



M.J. is a 5 year old, 70lb mastiff/pit bull mix who loves playing, giving slobbery kisses, and generally acting like a goof. While his demeanor is very friendly and affectionate, M.J. is still a bit of an overgrown puppy.  He has completed a six week board and train program with a local trainer (which comes with lifetime support for his adopters).  He succeeded with flying colors and is looking for a forever home with someone who will keep up with his training.  He also needs someone who can support his rehab, as he will soon be fitted for an orthopedic brace for his knees.  MJ is crate trained, house trained, and walks well on a leash.  He loves kongs and other toys, and gets along well with other dogs.  Given his size and energy levels, he shouldn’t go to a home with small children or small animals.  All MJ wants is chest rubs, ear scratches, and a forever home.  Could it be with you?   



sailorbone sailorpinal sailorsanta

Sailor is a young 2 yo pit mix was pulled from the Pinal County shelter where he was on the euthanasia list due to overcrowding. He was at the shelter for six long months. Sailor loves people and also loves to cuddle and snuggle under blankets. In his free time, he enjoys playing fetch with balls and pulling the stuffing out of stuffed toys, he goes through toys very quickly (but he LOVES his Durachew). He is a pretty easy going guy who only barks when someone new comes to the door, so he is still a pretty quiet dog. He is potty trained although he isn’t at the point where he tells us that he had to go. If he is given adequate potty breaks then he is just fine. He is also crate trained and rides well in the car. He walks fine on the leash unless he is scared and then he pulls. He loves all people but does seem to have a preference for men; he really responds and bonds well with men. Sailor has developed some anxiety about going outside because his fosters live near a busy street, but they are working on building his confidence and getting him acclimated to the different sounds of the outdoors. He is pretty nonreactive to other dogs. His evaluation results concluded that he would do fine in a home with small dogs and large dogs, he should also do fine with cats, but should be monitored closely for a few weeks and taught proper behavior with cats. He does suffer from allergies which are well controlled with a grain-free salmon diet and medication (Apoquel). Overall he is a sweet boy who loves affection and food.