Happy Tails

Mango (formerly Lola)

Mango has been adopted!! She has her very own 4-year-old younger brother, an older 15-year-old brother, and no other animals with whom she has to share attention. The mother loves that she now has another female in a house of all boys. Mango made herself right at home, frog-legging it on the cool tile and taking a break while her brother read her a story.

Happy Tails Mango!!! The long wait was worth it!




Jake (formerly Joey)




Dallas (formerly Irvington)







Milo is a handsome 2 year old lab mix who was pulled from the euthanasia list at PACC. He may have lived his life in a back yard, and when Bridge pulled him from PACC it seemed as though he had never made a connection with a human. This has been slowly changing and he has been learning to take direction very well and to actually seek out attention from people. During his board in train with a local trainer, they fell in LOVE with this sweet boy and decided to continue training him to find his forever home in the future. 



When my fiancé and I heard about Sedona back in August 2016 (formerly Shelby from PACC), we had three dogs already, one of whom (Blue) we had fostered and adopted through Bridge. Sedona was on the kill list for “biting” a child during a meet and greet at the shelter, and we couldn’t let her die because she was an untrained puppy who had been given no previous structure or guidance. And I thought, “she’s 10 months old and she’s gorgeous! The applications will come pouring in.”
And if they had come pouring in during the first month of her time with me, perhaps she would have found a different forever home. But not one inquiry came during the 6 months we fostered her. Well let me tell you, that is definitely someone else’s loss. She is the sweetest, happiest, goofiest pup I have ever met. She learned boundaries and healthy outlets for her energy and gets along with every dog she has ever met. She has been lovingly nicknamed Marmadukey by my fiancé, and she makes me smile every day with her goofy, comical antics. Sometimes we pick the dogs and sometimes the dogs pick us. Either way, I absolutely love Sedona and couldn’t imagine my life or my pack without her.


Our sweet Bella has officially been adopted! She was pulled into Bridge last April after being found as a stray and was a bit selective with her canine friends. With the help of her wonderful foster and a local trainer she has really progressed. A few days ago Miss Bella informed her foster mom that she wanted to stay with her and her canine brother and sister. Happy Tails!


Another recent adoption is our sweet Ariel, who was pulled from the STR list at PACC over a year ago. Her foster mom and foster brother (chi mix) decided that they loved her too much and were not able to let her go to any other family, so they permanently welcomed her into their home. Happy Tails!



Fifteen months ago we took this crazy pibble in just a few hours before her scheduled euthanasia. Her name was Baby at the shelter, but she looked more like a Roxie (from the musical Chicago – just a hot mess but waiting for her chance to shine.) She was a love bug from the first day. But she was also a challenge. Probably the biggest challenge I have ever taken on. There were days I thought I would lose it. There were days when my anxiety was so bad and she just wouldn’t listen and I cried. There were also days I cried and she comforted me. Wouldn’t leave my side. She gave me strength. We worked together. She got better. I got better. And still…no one seemed interested in adopting her. I felt proud of Roxie. She had come so far. We had come so far. I worried she would never find a forever family. Then, out of the blue, this wonderful young couple asked to meet her. When we showed up to the meet and greet they had brought treats, dog toys, and the most open-minded approach to rescue dogs I have ever seen. Within ten minutes I knew they were the “ones”. We had met other potential adopters before. They just never quite clicked. Roxie was in love. I was in love. And, most importantly, they were too. Saying good bye to a dog you have been through so much with…. it ain’t easy. But watching that dog drive away with a huge smile on her silly face and seeing the excitement in her adopters’ eyes…that’s what makes this all worth it.

Rescuing a death row dog can introduce some unique challenges. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. And I’m so grateful for that. I never would have met Roxie. She never would have taught me so much about love and patience and trust.


Bella is a two year old spayed pit bull mix who  was surrendered to PACC twice before being pulled into a foster home by Bridge. Bella is very sweet and loves people. She walks well on a leash but still needs to learn some more basic manners. She is working on sit and loves being the center of attention. Bella needs a home without small dogs or cats, but has the potential to coexist with other pups around her size. She really is just a loveable goofball who deserves the whole world! 



We are thrilled to announce that beautiful Angie is officially off the market. Congratulations to her wonderful fosters on making this doll part of the family! Happy tails, Angie!



Lilly is a calm, loving and gentle 7-year-old pit bull mix who melted the heart of her adopter upon first sight! This sweet girl was surrendered to the local shelter when her owner, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, could no longer take care of her.  Lilly was extremely underweight and the shelter diagnosed her with Valley fever, and is responding well to medication. Happy Tails sweet girl!


Nina i12698398_10153256591551261_2728489708517113772_os a 2 year old pit bull mix who was abandoned by her owners at the shelter, adopted, and returned again before ending up on the euthanasia list. She was under-socialized, her vision was impaired and someone had damaged her neck with a chain. She doesn’t let any of these issues hold her back though, and is ready to take on life head on! Despite the rough road she’s traveled so far, you couldn’t find a sweeter dog. She desperately craves companionship and a human to call her own.  She’s been left so many times in the past that she has some separation anxiety, but who could blame her?  She cries for her humans, worried she’s been left again.  Nina needs work and a patient, loving forever home but she will be absolutely worth it!  Nina is good with cats and children.  She wants a canine companion but she doesn’t quite understand how to interact with other dogs; she will need an only dog home or a home with a patient dog and owners willing to give them plenty of supervised time to adjust.  Once Nina feels secure in her home, her anxiety is easy to manage (Kongs, chew toys, lavender oil etc.). She completed a board and train program at sol.Dog, knows her basic commands, and is house trained. Nina is very active and would love a family who can keep up with her energy and enthusiasm for life.  She will be your best jogging partner, hiking companion, and tug-of-war opponent ever!   Her wonderful foster mom realized that Nina was already a part of the family and adopted her!



Duchess was rescued from Pima Animal Care Center; she was having a hard time getting around due to her age.  Bridge originally pulled her in as a hospice case but Duchess has proven us all wrong!  She is a sweet, happy 12 year old female lab mix.  She loves her walks and is very well-behaved, although she does get nervous when being hugged or overly handled.  She lives with a doggy sister as well as a cat and does great with both.  We’re thrilled her foster decided to keep her always. Happy tails, Duchess!


Zach is an incredibly handsome and intelligent 2 year old pit bull mix (approx. 65lbs) that was pulled from the euthanasia list at the local shelter. He spent some time with one of our training partners to decompress from shelter life and work on his leash skills, and is now in a foster home. He already knows sit, lay down, and shake and is learning clicker training for new behaviors. This little fellow really wants to connect to a handler, and would be a super fun little sport prospect for obedience, agility, nosework, etc.  


Hiro is a one and a half year old pit bull/American bull dog mix we recently pulled from PACC. He had been adopted and returned several times for unwanted behaviors and was saved in the nick of time! Hiro did so well in his new foster home with two young children they decided to make him a permanent part of the family!

Aggie adopted
Aggie is a beautiful pit bull mix who was on the shelter’s euthanasia list because she was suffering from seizures. Fortunately, Bridge was able to save her with the help of a foster who opened her home to her until Aggie found her perfect forever family. Happy tails, Aggie!


Sasha is a dachshund mix who was surrendered to our local shelter because the owner no longer had time for her. Sweet Sasha has had a string of bad luck, but finally hit the jackpot with her forever family. Happy tails, Sasha!

Sara (Sarabi)


Sara, formerly known as Sarabi at PACC, is a fabulous, family-friendly pit-mix. In fact, she’s so family-friendly that her foster family decided to keep her forever. Happy tails, Sara!




Tucker is a Belgian Tervuren/Chow/Akita mix (his foster had him DNA tested!). Tucker is a lover – he loves to cuddle, sleep next to you and gives many kisses to show how grateful he is to his wonderful foster dad. Tucker loves to wrestle with Ava, his Akita foster sister, and he loves to run wild in the field. Since Tucker was so happy with his foster and foster siblings, they decided to adopt him! Happy tails, Tucker!

Abriel (formerly Canine O’Brian)


Abriel is a lab mix pulled from PACC, where he was on the euthanasia because he had been diagnosed with Valley fever, which has affected his skull and leg. Although he was in a lot of pain when he first came to Bridge, he is doing so much better now and is a very happy dog! Abriel was adopted by his foster and we couldn’t be happier for him. Congrats and happy tails!

White Sox

Sox adopted

Sox, as she’s affectionately referred to, was a stray we rescued from the “dog patch” area of Tucson. She was extremely skittish and had an exceptionally terrible case of Valley Fever…we’ve rescued a lot of dogs with bad VF (and each case has been unique…Abriel had damage to his jaw and skull, Bronco was unable to walk on his back leg…). Sox was emaciated and had lesions on most of her joints. She distrusted people, guarded and protected her space, and was a dog who needed months of patience to start to learn how to come out of her shell. One of our original board members took care of her, and after months of hard work, she was able to move to a new foster home.

Luckily for Sox and her new foster home, they both had a lot of help from a fabulous woman who works for a local vet (who helped rehab Sox). Normally, Bridge does not adopt dogs out as “gifts” but Sox’s case was an exception. Yesterday, for her foster’s birthday, Sox was adopted to her foster (with a promise that, if ever needed, her best friend/secondary foster would take care of her).

To us, this story speaks to the incredible love and compassion that the Tucson community puts into taking care of at risk dogs.

A million congrats to Sox, her loving adopter, and the woman who made it all possible (and not to be totally cheesy, but who made two ladies’ dreams come true).


Nono adopted

Nono is an 11 year old Sharpei mix who spent two weeks on our county’s euthanasia list. We’re proud to say we facilitated his adoption to a fabulous family. Happy Tails, Nono!


Bristol adopted

Exciting news! Beautiful Bristol has been adopted! She was originally a stray, but was lucky enough find a fabulous foster who loved her so much she decided she simply couldn’t let her go. Congrats, Bristol! Happy Tails!


Abrams adopted

We think it’s safe to say Abrams is happy, comfortable, and well loved in his foster home. In fact, he’s so perfectly suited for them, they decided to adopt him!

Abrams was one of the “warehouse dogs” that came into our local shelter last fall and ended up on the euthanasia list. Look how far he’s come! Congrats, buddy! Happy Tails!

Sawyer (a.k.a. Soy)


Sawyer was the LONGEST resident Bridge dog (he was one of our first pulls from the shelter!). Although there will always be a longest resident dog, this one is special (he was with us from the beginning). Sawyer is handsome, he loves people, and contrary to his original reputation, loves other dogs with proper introductions. Soy, as he’s affectionately referred to, has officially earned his happily ever after. Although he’s never donned a sparkly dress and glass slippers (that we know of), he went from a dog that was considered disposable (and left at the shelter), to a dog who is fiercely loved and valued.

Sawyer is officially home, forever. He will never again be disposed of, he’ll never again end up at the shelter. We love him and his foster (turned adopter), and are in awe of the incredible bond these two have built.

If Disney or Pixar ever make a feature film about a girl and her dog, we’ll nominate Sawyer and his person as inspiration. Happy Tails!


SOLO adopted
Solo is a 40 lb, 1 year old boxer mix rescued from the euthanasia list at PACC. Solo is still a bit of a puppy, he has lots of energy and is very eager to play and learn! Solo completed a board and train program at sol.DOG and has basic training down. He is very smart and wants to please his handler; he already knows sit, lie down, and roll over. Solo was adopted by a fabulous couple who we know will give him an amazing life. Happy Tails, Solo!


Stella adoption event

Stella is a stunning, three-year-old fawn pit bull mix and a favorite of Bridge members and volunteers. Stella is loyal, affectionate and exuberant. Everyone who meets Stella falls in love with her, especially her foster mom who finally adopted her before moving to New York.  Happy tails Stella, enjoy romping in the snow!



Apexi is a 1 year old, beautiful, brindle and white pit bull mix who was suffering at the shelter (puppy energy and 23 hours a day in a kennel do NOT mix, surprisingly…) and beginning to become reactive. Fortunately, our wonderful community of Bridge and PACC supporters came together to raise enough money to save Apexi’s life by getting her into a six week board and train program with a local trainer.  Now, Apexi has been adopted by her foster family and we couldn’t be happier.  

Beefcake (Beefy)

Beefy is a young pit bull mix who had some issues getting along with dogs at the local shelter (mostly barrier and stress related) and found himself placed on the euthanasia list. Thankfully, our guy Beefy was just too cute and sweet, and one of our fabulous trainers stepped up to take care of him pro bono.  He’s now found his forever home with his foster family, and is best pals with their little boy!
Bonbon adopted
Bonbon is a three-year-old purebred boxer who was relinquished by her original owner after they brought a puppy into the household. Bonbon was adopted by a man with lots of boxer experience (who waited patiently for months to get her). Looks like true love to us! Happy Tails, Bonbon!


Happy is a 4 year old pit bull who had an incredibly rough start at life (he was confiscated as part of an animal cruelty case – he was incredibly underweight, malnourished, and had rarely seen the world beyond the wire crate he lived in outside). Poor Happy also suffers from lifelong allergies, but that has never slowed him down. He has grown into a lovable, clumsy boy who makes everyone he meets laugh. Happy did some training at sol.Dog and is now in the most wonderful, understanding forever home with a Bridge volunteer!

Handsome Sammy is a four year old pit bull mix who is full of love for pretty much anyone he meets! Sammy adores kids, and was adopted by his foster family since they couldn’t let him go! Happy tails, Sammy.



Blue is a smart and pretty pit mix who has been on quite the adventure in her short 3 years of life! Misunderstood for most of her life, Blue was surrendered to PACC twice for not getting along with the resident dogs. (Don’t they know she just takes extra time to make new friends and needs guidance and structure?) Then she found herself on the euthanasia list because she couldn’t handle shelter life. (Don’t they know it’s very stressful in there?) On the way to her first group obedience class, Blue got away from her handler and ran into a very busy street, getting hit by 3 different cars. After only 2 nights in the hospital, she walked away with only a slight limp (now resolved) and some bruised lungs. She wants you to know cats aren’t the only ones with 9 lives! Blue was adopted by her foster mom, a long-time volunteer for Bridge. We couldn’t be happier!

Bailey is an incredibly friendly, two year old German Shepherd mix who was placed on the euthanasia list at the local shelter because she was very timid and nervous in her kennel. Once out of the shelter, however, she quickly perked up and is able to make friends and trust easily. She was adopted by a fantastic couple who own a gym, where she will go to work with them every day!  


Allison is a six year old Shepard mix who was originally found as a stray (probably a reservation dog) and taken to PACC before we pulled her into our rescue.  She is sweet and calm, and enjoys rolling in grass and the occasional stuffed toy.  She also gets along well with cats, even allowing herself to be groomed by the cat in her foster home! She is going to fit in great with her new forever family. Happy tails, Allison!



Hercules is a young pit bull mix who doesn’t know what to do with himself! This goofy guy was found by one of our fosters as a stray, and Bridge pulled him into the rescue to keep him out of PACC. He’s playful and can be a bit mouthy, but he absolutely loves people, including children! This handsome boy was adopted by his foster family – they absolutely love their handsome, mythical hero of a dog! Happy Tails, Herc!

Lola (formerly Sandy)


Lola was rescued by Bridge from the PACC urgent list, which she was on for a second time; she had previously been “rescue only” at PACC and Bridge had helped to facilitate her adoption, but she escaped her owner’s yard and they did not redeem her.  Luckily, a foster stepped up and we were able to officially pull Lola into our rescue. Lola has acclimated quite well to her new digs, so much so that she was adopted by her foster family!



Olivia was pulled from PACC after being hit by a car. She had fractured her hip, had to have a leg amputated, and on top of that was very fearful in the shelter. Her foster family worked with her on socialization and helped her to heal, physically and emotionally. She is now the sweet, loving pup they always knew her to be, and is being adopter by her foster’s roommate! Good luck, Olivia!


Fiona and family

Fiona is a 5 year old pit mix who has had it rough. She was brought to PACC as a stray who was hit by a bus while fleeing kids who were throwing rocks at her! She was then adopted from PACC and returned before being pulled by Bridge. While at PACC she had to have one of her legs amputated and although still recovering, she is doing marvelously well and gets around great. Her adopter is a veteran who works at the Veteran’s Center at the UA. She will be bringing Fiona into work with her because she found Fiona’s story inspiring, and hopes to inspire others! Fiona’s new canine sibling Lucas seems a little surprised about his new, playful sister, but they got along great!



Keaton is a 4 year old, 70 lb American Bulldog mix pulled from the PACC STR list just before his deadline! He is very friendly with people, loves attention and is eager to greet you.  His foster family fell in love with him immediately, and decided to adopt! Happy tails, Keaton!

Roscoe is a four year old lab mix who is house/crate trained and has passed his canine good citizen test after a training class at sol.Dog. Roscoe loves to cuddle, go for walks, sunbath, and is overall a mellow dog.  Roscoe has been through several homes, so we are so happy that his foster mom finally decided to adopt him for good! 


Hanna is a year and a half old pit bull mix.  Hanna can frequently be found passed out under the couch or hiding under her foster parents’ bed sheets.  However, she is also a bundle of energy and very smart. She is easily bored and likes to have something to do all the time, like playing with toys or chewing on bones.  Hanna was adopted by her foster family, where she will live happily ever after with their two cats.


Rosco is a 3 year old male pit null mix. He was pulled from Pima Animal Care Center due to fights with other dogs and with several different medical issues. Although he has recovered from tick fever and his broken toe nail, he does have pretty severe vet anxiety.  Rosco has made big progress on that, and on his dog socialization skills, in his foster family.  They love him so much they decided to make him a part of their pack for good! Happy tails, Rosco, we are so glad you found your forever home.


Butters is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs we’ve ever come across. A seven year old pit mix, Butters was a repeat visitor at our local shelter (often left outside, he was prone to escaping during storms). At one point, he lost all of his canine teeth attempting to escape the pounding rain and lightening that he was left exposed to. Despite his storm anxiety and rough start, Butters is quick to trust people, very friendly with other dogs, and is happiest snuggling with his people.  He has made so much progress and we know his new adopters are going to be so happy!



Buster is roughly a 2 yr old Boxer Pit mix who is still a puppy exploring his world. He loves to play and gets along well with other dogs. Buster loves his people and playing with his toys. Happy tails, Buster.


YoYo Adopted
 YoYo is a gorgeous blue and white pit bull mix.  She is an absolute doll, and loves to play and give kisses! She acts like a big puppy, she has lots of energy and is very curious about the world around her. Our beautiful YoYo was adopted by a wonderful family who fell instantly in love with her and don’t even mind that she’s a giant puppy! Happy Tails, sweet YoYo!


Benny is a darling, handsome Shepherd Mix.  He is energetic and loves to play. Benny found a fabulous forever home where he’ll be spoiled to his heart’s content. We are so very happy for him. Happy Tails, Benny!



Boogie is a female Dalmatian mix who was rescued from Pima Animal Care Center because she has Valley Fever. She’s sweet, affectionate, and well dressed!  Our Boogie had a few adoptions that were almost finalized, but something always came up. Now we know she was just waiting for the perfect family (her foster). Happy Tails, beautiful Boogie! 



Handsome Miles was once adopted from PACC, but escaped his adopters’ yard and went missing. A good samaritan found him and from his microchip realized he was a PACC pup, but unfortunately his adopters did not want him back. Bridge pulled him into the rescue with the help of a foster so he wouldn’t be returned to PACC. Miles was in foster care and did a board and train with a local trainer before being adopted by a woman very passionate about dog rescue.  Happy tails, Miles!



Ranger is a 2 year old pit bull mix rescued from PACC.  He is a sweet and friendly dog who acts like a big puppy. All Ranger wants is to play, and he is going to make a great addition to his lucky new family!  Happy tails, Ranger!



Alex is a beautiful, spunky, fourteen year old German Shepherd. Alex was pulled as a hospice forever foster, but her foster family had to move and decided they simply couldn’t leave with out her! Happy Tails, Alex!

Shadow (formerly Genevieve)



Shadow (at her adopter’s feet) is a petite 4-year-old cattle dog mix pulled from PACC with valley fever. At first she was hesitant and shy around new people, but she learned to come out of her shell in foster care.  She loves to please and will be a loving and devoted companion to her new adopter! Happy tails, Shadow!



Jaz is a 4 year old pit bull who came into PACC as a stray before being pulled by Bridge. Jaz had an eye enucleation and an ear infection (both of which have responded very well to treatment). Jaz is very affectionate, loving with people, is very tolerant of all types of handling and greatly enjoys her time outdoors.  Happy tails, Jaz!


Zeus is a 7 year old pit bull mix rescued from PACC after being left behind by his owner.  He is a people-oriented, easy-going dog who walks well on the leash and enjoys attention/affection.  Zeus loves napping on the couch, playing fetch with his Kong, and cuddling.  His foster dad once told us, “Zeus never ceases to capture the heart!” This must be true because he just adopted Zeus.  Happy tails, buddy!



Hooch (left) is a young pit bull mix that we saved from the euthanasia list at the local shelter. He was fostered and trained by Abe at K9 Training, who also helped to find Hooch his forever home. Here he is with his new brother! Happy tails, Hooch!

Sydney (formerly Daisy Duke)

Daisy Duke is a 5 year old spayed heeler mix who was pulled from PACC by Bridge. Daisy Duke is timid, but warms up easily and is very gentle and affectionate.  She is polite and easy to handle, and her foster family is so in love they decided to keep her! She is now known as Sydney and is living the good life with her family!

Peggy Sue (formerly Brittany)
Peggy Sue is a 5 year old pit bull mix saved from the PACC urgent list. She’ll throw herself on top of anyone’s lap and wants to be petted forever. Peggy Sue was recently adopted by her foster mom, who is one of our board members here at bridge.  Happy tails, Piggy!
Cha Cha


ChaCha, is a young female pitbull/dachshund  mix who loves to snuggle and play fetch. She started out fearful in the shelter and graduated from Pima Animal Care’s new socialization program as a volunteer favorite. In her foster home, she is learning to be confident, but ChaCha still has some fear to work throughHer little snort is endearing and her desire to share love is unmatched.



Frank has a great story! He was pulled from PACC because he had a terrible case of Valley Fever. Originally listed as 12 years old (and though to be a hospice foster), Frank excelled on meds and turned out to only be 6 (if only we could all age backwards, right?). Frank found a wonderful forever home, and we’re thrilled that he gets to live the rest of his (much younger) life with his new family. Happy Tails, Frank-n-Beans!

Bubba (formerly Nakoma)
Bubba is a 1.5 year old bulldog mix who was originally rescued from PACC, where he was at risk of euthanasia because he has valley fever.  Bubba is an absolute gentleman and a delight to be around. He has wonderful manners, is great with kids of all ages and very respectful of smaller children. Bubba is very people-oriented and will make a wonderful addition to his new family. We are so happy for you Bubba!



Rosie is a spayed, female Pit Bull mix who survived the tough streets of Tucson before coming to Bridge.  She is playful, loving, sweet and super smart.   Rosie is SUPER treat motivated and very observant, so she will undoubtedly ace any additional training her adopters undergo.  Loving a rescue dog can be one of the most rewarding things in life and we’re thrilled that she gets to experience that love with her adoptive family. Happy Tails, beautiful Rosie!

Sefton (formerly Isaiah)


Sefton, the hunky brindle on the right, is a 6 year old pit mix who loves cuddling, Nyla bones, and belly rubs. He gets along great with his foster brother (above) and is incredibly loyal to the people that love him, so much so that his foster mom decided to keep him! Happy tails, Sefton! We know you will always be loved in your furever home.


Beautiful Nala is a five year old Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepard mix who has had a rough go of it lately (she was part of an ongoing confiscation case, adopted at PACC and then returned, and suffering from anxiety and nerves). Fortunately, sweet Nala was saved from the short term rescue list at the shelter by Bridge so that her new adopter could take her home (since she was not available to the general public, a rescue had to pull her first). Happy Tails, Nala! 
Diego (formerly Vlad)
Diego is a 2 year old chow mix who was rescued from the Urgent list at PACC.   Although he was a little skittish at first, he has since come out of his shell  and loves to cuddle!  Diego is athletic and makes a great nighttime running partner.  He also loves to retrieve balls and play with toys.  We’re happy that Diego has finally found his forever home. Happy Tails, buddy!
Max 1
Max is an especially dashing, three year old lab mix. Max was slated for euthanasia at the local shelter for being under-socialized and fearful in his kennel. He had originally been confiscated as part of a hoarding case and had never known the love of a patient, trustworthy person. Luckily, sol.DOG stepped up to help him learn to trust people and he has become incredibly affectionate outside the shelter (he’s discovered the joy of belly rubs and giving slobbery dog kisses). We are so excited that Rachel from sol.DOG has decided to make him a part of her pack permanently! Happy Tails!


 Tazer is 1-1/2 year old pit mix who is handsome, active and smart as a whip, which has made him quick to benefit from training sessions at SolDOG. Tazer loves squeaky toys, splashing in his kiddie pool and hanging out on any dog friendly patio. He never fails to be complemented on his manners and good behavior! Tazer has a smile that makes you smile with him and he will make a loyal companion to his new adopters.  Happy tails, Tazer.



Mallory is a 3 year old spayed pit-bull mix rescued from the euthanasia list our local shelter. Within hours of having her in foster care, she stole some hearts and her foster family already decided to adopt her. Happy tails, Mallory!



Pepper (on the left) is a one year old lab/pit mix who was returned to the shelter and was to be put down as an unsuccessful adoption. Luckily she was rescued and put in to foster care, where she has really grown into a loving and energetic dog. She is a very happy girl, and constantly has a smile and a hug for anyone who meets her. We are so happy that she was saved from euthanasia and adopted by her foster family.



Beau is a young, handsome husky whose adoption Bridge helped to facilitate from the Humane Society. While he’s had a rough couple of months (had been bounced between homes and was suffering from separation anxiety), we’re happy to say he’s finally found a forever home with a family who adores him. Happy Tails, Beau!



Storm is a beautiful, brindle 1 year old spayed female Pit Bull mix.  She was found on the streets as a stray and brought into foster care with Bridge Rescue.  She is micro chipped, vaccinated, crate-trained and working on her house-training.  She lives with other dogs, cats, and kids and has done well with all of them.  Storm is still a little shy, but loves people, and we’re thrilled she’s found a forever home. Happy Tails!


 Diego is a two year old Corgi mix. According to his foster mom, he is a total lover. His favorite activities include cuddling, tail wagging, and bestowing slobbery kisses upon all he meets. Diego is learning his basic commands (so far he’s mastered “sit”) and is very good in the car. This sweet guy is working on house and crate training and  loves his canine foster brother. Despite loving his foster home, Diego is excited to have found a wonderful forever family. Happy Tails!
Gomez (formerly Taquito)
Taquito is a two year old heeler mix who was on the euthanasia list as “rescue only” at our local shelter. Fortunately, Bridge was able to pull him in order to facilitate his adoption to a wonderful family. Happy Tails, Gomez!



Logan is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old, neutered male brindle Dutch Shepherd/Pit mix.   Logan is a gentle giant – he’s just over 65lbs and loves nothing more than to lean on his person and lay with you, getting a good ear scratch or belly rub.  Happy Tails, Logan!



Lila is a pretty 3-year-old blue pit bull with white markings. She was pulled from the euthanasia list over the summer, and has since thrived in foster care (with two other female dogs and a loving foster mom). Given how well Lila adjusted to their home (and how quickly she stole their hearts), her foster family decided to become her forever family. Happy Tails, sweet Lila!


Rojo and Dolly

Rojo and Dolly

Rojo is a 6 year old pit bull mix with too much love to share. He enjoys any sort of affection, giving kisses, and has wonderful manners, who was pulled from the shelter with a torn ACL and Valley Fever. Dolly is a 1 year old mix (we think Whippet/Shepherd) that was found as a stray with her puppies.  Despite already being a mother, Dolly is still quite a puppy herself.  She is very happy to meet new people, although the she can be a bit rambunctious, she loves nothing more than to cuddle up next to you.  As you can see from the photo, Dolly and Rojo are inseparable (they were fostered together) and their foster family decided they had found their forever home. Happy Tails, you adorable pups!



Goober is a handsome one year old pit bull who had been brought to our local shelter as a stray. Goober is incredibly kind and affectionate towards people. However, Goober is also deaf, which has made his first year of life very scary. Because of his deafness, Goober suffers from separation anxiety, made worse by the fact that he had numerous homes in a very short span of time. Luckily, Goober found a person to love him unconditionally and with the patience to help him overcome his fears. We’re so excited you have a forever home, handsome! Happy Tails!

LG (Little Gladys)


LG ( Little Gladys) was named after another Bridge Rescue for Dogs, Inc. dog who was saved early into our rescue.  Little Gladys is a 3 yr old spayed female Dogue de Bordeaux/Pit mix. She has the cutest underbite and smile, impossible to resist! LG knows how to sit, lie down, shake hands, roll over, and give high-fives. LG was one of our long-timers, so we are ecstatic that she has finally found a forever home where she will be treasured as an only dog! Happy Tails!



Meet Coco, a 4 year old German Shepard mix (on the left with the red antlers!). Coco was rescued from PACC with Valley Fever in his lungs/ bones and a treatable skin condition. Coco is gentle, well-behaved, and great with children and dogs of all sizes! He has certainly won the hearts of his foster mom, her 3 year old daughter (Coco’s best friend, who he enjoys following around the house), and their resident dog.  Coco’s foster family decided to adopt him and we couldn’t be happier! Happy Tails, Coco!



Beautiful Rosie (on the right) is a nine year old Australian Shepherd mix who was suffering from a three pound, benign mass on her side. While the shelter was willing to perform the surgery, her chances of making a full recovery there were slim (the stress of kennel life, coupled with overcrowding almost always hinder a dog’s ability to heal). Fortunately, two amazing guardian angels stepped up to save Rosie: her foster and her financial benefactor, who offered to cover all of her medical costs (including her surgery). Since we pulled her, Rosie’s mass has been removed and she is healing quite nicely thanks to the love and patience of her foster mom, who decided to adopt her for good! Happy Tails!



Cassie is a beautiful 1.5 year old female Pit Bull mix who came to Bridge from Pima Animal Care Center as a socialization case.  Cassie was struggling with confidence, so Bridge pulled her into a home with another dog to help her build that confidence up.  Cassie has been great with her foster mom’s cat, and is very patient and gentle with kids! They love her so much they decided to keep her forever; Happy Tails, Cassie!

Ruger (formerly Ziggy)


Ruger is a five year old black & white Pit/Catahoula/Dane mix who was surrendered to the shelter because his family could not maintain his allergies. Ruger completed a board and train program at sol.DOG, where he did very well learning to follow and hold commands, as well as positively socialize and interact with other dogs.  He found his forever home and his skin allergies are being managed by a limited ingredient diet and over the counter allergy meds.  Happy Tails, Ruger!



Ebony is a 2 year old spayed female pit mix that completed a 4 week board and train program with sol.DOG training.  She’s an energetic, vibrant girl and recently won the “Best in Show” award for best ears (how could she not? Look at them!). Ebony is so well loved by her foster mom that she decided to keep her! We always knew they were a perfect match.  Happy Tails, sweet Ebony!

Bruce 1 Bruce
Bruce is a handsome, young pit bull mix who was found tied up to a pole at a Tucson fast food restaurant (eating a burger). Apparently, he was a stray who couldn’t resist the smell of food and the comfort of people, and had been attempting to enter the restaurant, so staff tied him outside. Luckily one of our trainers found him and was able to take him in.  We are so happy that Bruce found his forever home and will never be hungry again! Happy Tails, Bruce.


Fiona is about 4 years old and is a very sweet dog.  She loves to snuggle and loves to lay up on the couch and jumps right up on the bed.  According to her foster, she is the only dog she has ever been around that wants to crawl under the bed covers!  She came out of her shell in her foster family and they love her so much they decided to adopt her.  Happy Tails, Fiona!

 Penny (formerly Kiwi)


Penny is a two year old pit mix who managed to find herself on the local shelter’s euthanasia list for not getting along with other dogs.  Since leaving the shelter, Penny has absolutely blossomed. She lives happily with other dogs and two young children (who she ADORES).  Penny’s foster has decided she’s the perfect dog for him, especially since he is working on becoming a certified dog trainer. Congrats, Penny! We look forward to updates! Happy Tails!



Pima Animal Care’s beloved Gorda was returned yet again for separation anxiety before Bridge stepped in to help her.  Gorda has been returned numerous times for anxiety related issues and was taken into the foster home of a seasoned, local trainer.  Gorda’s foster has decided Gorda can’t possibly go to any other home and officially made her a part of the pack. Now we’ll always know that Gorda is safe, secure, and loved. Congrats, Gorda! Happy Tails!

Shane is a three year old pit bull mix who was brought to the shelter as a stray and found himself on the euthanasia list. Fortunately, Bridge was able to pull him into foster care with the help of a great family. A family so great, they decided to keep Shane forever! Happy tails to Shane and his foster family!  Happy Tails, kiddo!


Floyd is a three year old pit bull mix that was rescued from PACC. Despite his tall stature, he’s a lap dog at heart (and prefers to cuddle like one…).  He is a vocal dog and won’t hesitate to tell you his opinions (ranging from when he should receive treats to the state of the union…Seriously, Floyd is quite astute!) He is wonderful with kids, and even alerted his foster mom to her child’s asthma attack in the middle of the night. A super dog! After that they just couldn’t let him go and decided to adopt.  He really earned his place in his forever home; Happy Tails Floyd!



Daisy (on the right) is a 2 yr old spayed, female pit bull mix who loves to play and cuddle. She was rescued from the urgent list at PACC along with her foster brother Dice (on the left).  They got along so well that her foster family adopted her too!  Happy Tails, Daisy!

Hitch (formerly Navajo)
Hitch is a two year old lab mix who was pulled from the PACC urgent list by Bridge. Under-socialized at first, he opened up in his foster home, becoming a calm and docile pup who loves other dogs and people.  He went from a skinny, neglected dog from a hoarding case (who was going to be put down upon his initial shelter evaluation) to a dog that snuggles, plays, wags his tail, and adores people. His foster family loves him so much they decided to adopt him! Happy Tails, Hitch!



Wiley (named after famed Wile E. Coyote) was a stray that was rescued by one of our Board members. Despite being a long term stray, he is incredibly affectionate with people and easily found a new home to call his own! Happy Tails, Wiley!



Ulma is a four year old female pit bull mix. She is mostly quiet and loves to follow her people around the house – she’s happiest when she’s close to someone who loves her. She enjoys car rides and gets to spend her mornings hanging out with her foster (now forever) mom and her horses. Sweet Ulma was adopted by her foster family and we can’t imagine a better place for her to hang her (figurative) hat for the rest of her life. Happy Tails, pretty Ulma!

Diamond (formerly Blair)

Diamond is a two year old lab mix who was brought to our local shelter as part of a large impound of dogs (she came from the same confiscation case as Bridge dog Hitch (see males dogs/puppies). Diamond came to Bridge scared and under-socialized, but she’s becoming more social and confident daily! Luckily for Diamond, her foster family decided within weeks that they were the perfect home for her. Happy Tails, our sweet Diamond in the rough! 

12193613_10207994307155988_4160630656960810846_n (1)
Hudson is a stunning, blue/brindle pit mix who was scheduled for euthanasia before an amazing foster family welcomed him into their home and saved his life.  Hudson loves life and we are so happy this boy found his forever home! Happy tails, Hudson!



Marc is  three year old pit bull mix who was brought to our local shelter as a stray. He was fostered and trained by a local trainer before finding his forever home! Happy tails, Marc.  Copy+paste the link below for a video from Marc’s trainer, posted only days after his rescue from the PACC urgent list:  https://www.facebook.com/tucsondogtrainer/videos/631248757017013/ 



Violet was rescued by Bridge with kennel cough, dry eyes and a mass cell tumor.  Violet is now cancer free and has officially been adopted by her foster mom!  She had the following to say, in part to let the world know how amazing Violet is, but also to thank Bridge for bringing Violet and her family together:

“If you are seeking to be part of a great family check out Bridge rescue and bring home a new family member. I met Violet 3 months ago and had never been around pit bulls. I was skeptical but it didn’t take long for Violet to win my heart.  Violet has required some medical treatments for a mass cell tumor to be removed and has had several extra visits to the vet, which Bridge pays for. She is now cancer free!!! Bridge has been most supportive in her treatment. I have had the honor of working with a great team that will come out and bring her food, such as rice and chicken and special diets.  They also brought her an orthopedic bed to sleep on while she recuperated from surgery. Due to Violet having separation anxiety she has struggled with kennels. Bridge supports our family in assisting us with the safest kennel for Violet. I love being part of such a great family who is there every step of the way. You just have to ask and Bridge will be there to assist in any way possible. We are forever family. “



Diamond/Tatum (who is so special that she gets two names) is a three year old pit bull mix. Despite a rough start at life (in and out of the shelter), she was rescued by Bridge and then found a forever family to call her own. We are thrilled that this sweet girl found her happily ever after. Happy Tails, Diamond/Tatum!

Dixie (formerly Dahlia)


Dixie stole all of our hearts the moment we met her. Despite being alone and sick in the shelter after being surrendered by her owners, Dixie’s butt still wiggled and her tail still wagged for each and every person who came to visit her in the kennel. She is a three year old compact pit bull mix (she’s actually quite short), who was returned to the shelter by her owners because of Valley Fever. Thankfully, one of Bridge’s fabulous fosters offered Dixie a place in her home and helped facilitate a wonderful adoption for her. Happy Tails, sweet girl!



Duke is an incredibly lovable pit mix (three years old), who was rescued from the county shelter with life threatening medical needs (untreated Valley Fever – suspected he has had it since he was born, kennel cough, ear and eye infections, and allergies). He could hardly breath or walk when Bridge pulled him into foster care. He wasted no time in making himself comfortable at his foster home, so comfortable in fact that they decided to adopt him.  Happy tails, Duke!



Fiesta is a 4 year old spayed, silver Pit Bull Mix. She was rescued from Pima Animal Care center when it was discovered that she had a venereal tumor (which has been treated and she is now medically cleared). Fiesta lives with several other dogs (both male and female) and does great with everyone. She loves people and attention. Fiesta is a recent graduate of a Bridge sponsored Canine Good Citizen class.  She was adopted by her foster family; happy tails Fiesta!



Missy is a darling, six year old pit bull mix who was brought to the shelter after her owners abandoned her. Missy was adopted by her foster family; happy tails Missy!



Elsa is a 3 year old Bulldog/Boxer mix. She is a sweet beautiful girl who loves to play with her toys. She is fairly low energy and prefers short leasurely walks.  Elsa is a complete love-bug who knows sit, down, and kennel (go into her crate).  Elsa was adopted by her foster family, another forever foster for Bridge!  Happy tails, Elsa! 


Bo outside

 Meet Bo! This two-year old Rottweiler is a mellow guy with an old soul. Abandoned by his previous owner, Bo is embracing his second chance in life as an ADOPTED Bridge dog. A perfect day for Bo begins with a big stretch and a calm walk around the neighborhood. He spends the afternoon napping, either in his crate or his special spot in the hallway where he can see everyone’s comings and goings. Bo also loves to ride in the car, and, on occasion, can be persuaded to play some ball. Bo’s life was saved by a fabulous couple with another Rottie and loads of breed experience (as his fosters). Fortunately for Bo, they decided they simply couldn’t live without him (how could anyone resist such a handsome boy?). Happy Tails, Bo!



Cookie is a 2-year-old male Boxer/Pit Bull mix. In general, he is happy and social boy who enjoys playing with other dogs, running, and going on long walks. He is also a rough and tumble kinda guy and enjoys a playful wrestling match. He is very affectionate with people. Luckily for Cookie, his foster family decided they simply couldn’t live without him. Cookie’s in for a great life with them! Happy Tails, Cookie!



Flaca is a wicked goofy Husky mix who was found roaming the streets of Tucson with a heavy chain attached to  her neck. Fortunately, one of our fosters found her and took her in (and most likely saved her from being hit by a car). She was brought into Bridge and loved dearly by her foster family, who were sad to see her go but were also incredibly happy that she was able to find a forever family worthy of her. Happy Tails, Flaca!



Deuce is a 2 year old Cattle dog mix who was tossed around a lot in his young life.  Bridge Rescue pulled him and he lived with a fabulous foster who worked on building his confidence and breaking out of his shell. And BOY did he break out of that shell — Deuce learned to love to cuddle and be around other dogs, cats, various other animals, and people all alike.  On Sunday, March 15th Deuce went to his forever home with a wonderful couple that adored him at first sight.  He will be an only dog, spoiled and very well loved.  Thanks Mike & Theresa — Happy Tails Deuce!!!  



Harry was a Pima Animal Care elist pull because he could not be housed with other dogs.  He had a wonderful family step up for him as his foster and after patience and listening to guidance provided by Bridge and trainers, they were able to slowly integrate Harry with their resident dog.  And shortly thereafter, fell in love with him and could not bear to adopt him out to anyone.  Harry is now living the life with his fur-sibling and doting parents.  Fostering saves lives!  Happy Tails Harry!!!



Kino is a middle aged soul that was hit by a car. He recovered with a fabulous Bridge foster and was recently adopted by a friend of the fosters.  He gets along with other dogs and children. Looking forward to many happy updates on this fellow. Happy Tails Kino!!!



Sadie is the “BEST dog ever”  She is 4 years old and a Shep/Chow mix that was recently adopted to a young woman who ADORES her.  She needed to be an only child and she was able to provide this for her.  Her mom stays home and takes Sadie for walks daily and she gets plenty of exercise going up 3 flights of stairs every day.  She loves her squeaky toys and Kong and even sleeps on the bed with her new momma.  Happy Tails Sadie girl!!!



Dice has been officially adopted by his foster family — we call that a Forever Foster.  His foster mom calls him Peter Cottontail because when he gets excited, he tucks in his tail and hops around like a little rabbit. Dice is a 4 year old neutered male Pitbull mix and he’s the most lovable and cuddly lap dog on the planet. Dice will also be completing his Canine Good Citizen class/testing with his new family.  Happy Tails Dice, you have a great home!!!



Kaya was trapped in the streets of Tucson and was shy and had some serious adandonment issues when Bridge Rescue took her in.  She had a failed adoption attempt and was then placed in a foster home in Fountain Hills with two other large breed foster siblings.  Her foster family became so attached to her, they decided they couldn’t live without her and officially adopted her.  Another forever foster.  Congratulations Kaya – we know you will be the spoiled princess you deserve to be.  Happy Tails Kaya!!!

Mia (Nova)


Nova (now Mia) is a 3 year old bully mix who reminded us of “Toothless” from the How to Train Your Dragon movie. She found her forever home at our Adopt Local, Adopt Love expo event and is living the life as an only spoiled pup.  She loves to cuddle and hang out.  Her new dad keeps a watchful eye on her always because nothing can happen to “his girl” as he calls her.  Happy Tails Mia!!!



Maxx, Bridge’s self proclaimed handsome cuddler, found his forever home with his own cute little sister and house full of kiddos to keep him busy at the Adopt Local, Adopt Love expo also.  Maxx was in foster while recovering from Valley Fever & lived with a super cute foster sister while getting healthy.  His adopters report that he still loves his laser lights and Doritos, and loves going on car rides with his new dad who loves his “ride along partner”  Happy Tails Maxx!!!



Bridge Rescue pulled Cody from the streets of Tucson after a neighbor was helping feed him chicken. He was a sweet but under socialized young boy.  He found his forever home after Bridge posted a newspaper article on him.  Happy Tails Cody!!!



Lily is a 4 yr old spayed female Pitbull mix.  She is a 50lb bundle of love who found herself in trouble at the shelter because she didn’t like sharing her space.  She was and IS much more interested in human affection than the other dogs; however, she found a family with another dog who she did well with.  Thanks to the foster mom’s dedication and socialization, Lily found her perfect home and is living the life.  Happy Tails Lily!!!



Rosie, the unofficial “big baby” of Bridge has been adopted by her foster family.  They saw and loved all 50lbs of love and helped work her thru her Canine Good Citizen training and fell in love with her.  Happy Tails Rosie!!!



Luna was sadly dumped on the streets of Tucson – but her luck turned around quickly when one of Bridge’s fabulous fosters found her and took her in, no questions asked.  Luna was smart, spunky, young, and happy and quickly found her forever home with a super cute Beagle mix brother.  Thanks to fosters for saving her life and thanks to her new parents for giving her what someone else couldn’t.  Wish you the best Luna.  Happy Tails Luna!!!

Zoe (Autumn)


Autumn is a beautiful brindle, young 1 year old spayed Pit Bull mix who was returned to Pima Animal Care Center because her owner did not have the time or resources needed to work thru her separation anxiety and energy level.  Thankfully a wonderful foster stepped up and helped  Autumn and she found her forever home with another furry family member to keep her company.  Autumn, now Zoe loves other dogs, people, and kids – she has already made an impression on her new family.  Happy Tails Zoe!!!

Roxie Rue


Roxie Rue (Roxie) is a 7 year old, spayed female Boxer mix who was pulled from Pima Animal Care Center after having to have her leg amputated.  She was sent to a foster home, where her foster mom realized all too quickly that she could not live without this dog and decided to adopt her.  Roxie was enrolled in Bridge Rescue’s Canine Good Citizen with her new mom and the two are doing great together!  Happy Tails Roxie!!!



Rocky is a handsome, 1.5 year old Pit Bull mix boy that was an all around favorite!  Rocky graduated his Bridge sponsored Canine Good Citizen class and his foster parents loved him SO much that they decided to adopt him officially.  Sadly, Rocky and his new sister and parents are moving away so we will miss him terribly, but they promise to keep in touch with us.  We will miss you Rockstart – we love you and wish you the best with your wonderful new family.  Happy Tails Rocky!!!



Bronx is a 2 year old American Bulldog mix who suffers from Valley Fever and was pulled from Pima Animal Care Center at his lowest.  His health was failing and he was an unhappy boy.  He is now on stronger valley fever medication as well as immune supplements to help him get well.  We all knew Bronx would be a forever foster with his family and they finally made it official.  He currently lives with several other dogs (his size) and does well.  Happy Tails Bronx!!!



Nala is a 3 year old, spayed female Shepherd mix who was saved from the elist at Pima Animal Care Center.  Her foster mom loved her SO much that she had to keep her.  Nala loves kissing on her mom and enjoys their daily walks and morning snuggles.  Happy Tails Nala!!!



Sky is a 5 yr old, spayed female lab mix weighing about 50lbs.  Sky was brought in by a Good Samaritan several years ago and due to conflicting schedules, she had been shuffled around to various homes during vacations and schedule conflicts.  The Good Samaritan was able to find a wonderful home with no other dogs for Sky and she is living the life, enjoying be loved and spoiled to the moon.  Thank you Good Samaritan and Happy Tails Sky!!!



Howie is a young (1-2 yr old) Pit mix that Bridge rescued from the streets of Marana.  He was thin and sick but still just a happy, loving pittie.  He stayed with a foster to get healthy and neutered and has since found the perfect home to spoil him rotten.  He has his own “Baby” girl Chi that is learning to love him as much as he loves her and he gets to go running every day with his new human buddy.  Happy Tails Howie!!!

Reba (Frankie)


Frankie (now Reba) was elisted at PACC because she was a young (1 ½ yr old) pup who was getting more and more stressed out.  So much so, that she developed demodex.  Out of the shelter, her foster family found out she was a joyful dog who puts her heart and soul into everything she does whether it is playing with her little dog foster sibling, going for a walk/run, eating and especially chewing on her appropriate toys. She became very affectionate, energetic, and we learned just how smart she was.  Reba found her forever home with an older fur sibling and two young, active parents.  She is finishing her Canine Good Citizen training and we couldn’t be happier for her.  Happy Tails Reba!!!



Suzie came to Bridge after Pima Animal Care Center discovered she had ringworm and could not safely treat her in a shelter environment. She is a spunky, fun-loving pup who knows sit, down, and shake. Suzie is house-broken and crate-trained ad although her foster family loved her VERY much, they were unable to keep her.  Bridge was able to land this wonderful forever home for her.  Suzie is going to be an only, spoiled girl and the apple of her new dad’s eye.  Pretty girl got pretty lucky!  Happy Tails Suzie!!!  

Channel (Mamma) ***Courtesy Posting***


Mamma is a stray that a good samaritan found in Tucson on her way to work.  She was taken to a vet, no microchip, no response to lost/found ads.  She has been stuck in boarding at the vet and cannot stay with finder because she has too many other dogs ad cats.  She is incredibly sweet and all she wants to do is lick you and have her belly rubbed.  The vet estimates that Mamma is between 6 and 7 years old, she weighs 60lbs, and sadly has given birth about 2 months ago (no idea where the puppies are).  Mamma was renamed Channel and happy to report she was adopted to a wonderful home.  Thanks for saving her and helping get her to her forever home.  Happy Tails Channel!!! 



Simon is a 2 year old Shepherd/Pit mix who was brought to Pima Animal Care Center as a stray who was previously chained in a back yard by a carabineer clip that was jammed through his CHEST!!!  He’s a young beautiful brown brindle mix with great ears and an even better lust for life.  Despite his rocky start, this dog still loves people, especially his wonderful new family! Happy tails, Simon!



Max is a 1 ½ yr old neutered, male black lab mix who is a lot of fun.  So much fun, his foster mom decided she couldn’t live without him.  She knew him the best and gained his trust after basically hating the world at the shelter.  Max does very well with the kids, including the infant and small child he lives with as well as other dogs.  This super friendly, big time cuddly guy knew exactly what he was doing when he went to his foster family and they have since adopted him.  Happy Tails Max!!!



Casper (now named Chance) is a super friendly 2 yr old white Pit Bull mix. He has a gentle, intelligent personality and is great with children and other dogs. He is crate trained and knows a few basic commands. He walks nicely on the leash and loves to cuddle and be hugged and pet. He was adopted by his wonderful foster family (mom, dad, a bunch of kiddos who adore him, and his very own canine sister), who all love him dearly. We can’t imagine a better place for him!!! Happy Tails, Casper!!!



Nathea is a gorgeous girl who was originally adopted from PACC. Unfortunately, her owners were no longer able to care for her and chose to surrender her to Bridge rather than bring her back to the shelter. It took Nathea all of about five minutes to find her forever home (literally), and she is beyond happy to be with them. She’s spunky, affectionate, and all smiles. Happy Tails, Nathea!!!



Suzie is a beautiful German Shepard mix (on the smaller side) who was placed on the Short Term Rescue list at PACC. She was extremely under socialized and fearful. However, volunteers at the shelter and withBridge discovered that Suzie was quick to overcome her worries once around people she trusted. Thanks to Bridge (and her wonderful temporary foster), Suzie was rescued from the STR list and adopted by a fabulous family (who drove half way across the country to get her!). We cannot wait to hear about your life, Suzie! Happy Tails!!!



Spike is a handsome Chi who found himself on the shelter’s Short Term Rescue list as “available to rescue partners only,” meaning that the only way he could leave the shelter was if  a rescue stepped up to save him. Thankfully, an adopter fell in love with him and reached out to Bridge – we pulled him as a temporary foster so that he would be able to go to his forever home with his amazing new mom. Happy Tails, Spike!!!



Bruce is another street stray that Bridge helped out with.  Happy guy found a great foster home almost immediately with one of our fabulous Pet Club employees and quickly worked his magic to become a forever part of their family.  Happy Tails, Bruce!!!



Tobey is a lovable couch potato! He may be 12 years old, but he’s got plenty of love left and there’s nothing he’d rather do than relax by his adopter’s side. Tobey has been great with dogs, big and small, despite his blindness and age-related issues. Tobey was originally taken in as a hospice case, yet a few months of care with his foster mom proved to us all that he has lots of life left in him!!!! Tobey’s adoptive family includes a mom and dad who have extensive experience in dog rescue and canine companions (including a pug puppy!). Happiest of Tails to you, Tobey!!!!



Snowman is approximately 4 years old.  He is a neutered, male Queensland Heeler mix who was picked up with a group of stray, feral dogs and was terribly scared, untrusting, and VERY skinny. He fought a URI, worms, and kennel cough in a matter of only 2 months. After being adopted and returned for escaping the yard after being left unattended, Bridge stepped in to help this boy.  We are happy to report that Snowman was adopted by his amazing foster family and we couldn’t be happier for him! Happy Tails, Snowman!!!!



Jerry is a dashing chocolate pit mix who was originally put on the Short Term Rescue list because he hated kennel life and contracted Giardia (a contagious, bacterial infection that requires isolation at the shelter). Of course, isolation is the worst thing for a dog who already despises kennel life – so Jerry was given only a few days to find a new home. Luckily for him, two of our guardian angels came to his rescue (a Bridge member and a trainer we work with). Jerry loves kids, dogs, toys, couches, belly rubs, and kisses. He ESPECIALLY loves his new forever family – who we think are absolutely perfect for him. Happy Tails, Jerry!!!!

Willow (Trinity)


Willow is a 3 year old spayed, female American Bulldog mix.  She was rescued from PACC after being hit by a car.  PACC performed surgery to help her broken leg but the surgery didn’t take so she had her leg amputated and went to foster to allow her time to heal.  Willow gets along great with people, kids, and other dogs (cats unknown).  She has no food aggression, walks nicely on leash and loves to give kisses.  When she isn’t going on walks or playing in the backyard, she is napping on a soft dog bed. Bridge is very happy to report that Willow (now named Trinity) was adopted by a WONDERFUL family who are committed to spoiling her rotten (they also managed to teach her how to use the dog door in only a few days!). Happiest of tails to you, Willow!!! 



Shay is a sweet heeler mix about 11 months old. She was slated to be euthanized because she was fearful after her owner had to surrender her after becoming homeless.  Bridge stepped in and saved her, but now she needs a foster.  Preferably one with heeler experience as she is still young and needs the right direction.  She’s great on a leash and has the softest coat!!!  Shay is a recent graduate of a Bridge sponsored Canine Good Citizen class.  Shay was adopted by her foster mom, who informed Bridge that Shay was her best friend and she couldn’t imagine ever parting with her. Bridge is thrilled to have been Shay and her family’s “bridge” to their life together. Happy Tails, Shay!!!

Odin (Woody)


Odin is a really sweet Shepard mix who is working very hard to improve his confidence levels. While he is very quiet and polite, he is still full of personality. Since being saved from the shelter, Odin has slowly come out of his shell, revealing an incredibly kind, gentle, and, at times, silly dog.  His adopter reports that he has continued to improve his confidence and socialization in her care, and she LOVES him. Really, she ABSOLUTELY LOVES him. It sounds to us that Odin and his adopter were made for each other. Happy Tails to you, Odin! We can’t wait to get updates on your amazing new life!

Cutie (Kimber)


Cutie is a dog that lives up to her name! She is a medium sized, 2 year old Shepherd mix who was originally confiscated as part of a hoarding case and brought to the county shelter. Despite her rough start in life, Cutie loves everyone (people, dogs of all sizes, cats) and is exceptionally well behaved and eager to please (she knows basic commands, corrects easily, and is very intelligent). Bridge is happy to report that Cutie was adopted by a wonderful, loving family who we know will take incredibly good care of her. Happy Tails, sweet Cutie!



Louie is a super goofy, three year old pit bull mix who came to Bridge quite serendipitously and ended up at the home of one of Bridge’s board members (thanks to social media). Louie’s new family loves him unconditionally, as do his canine brothers and sister. Happy Tails, Louie!



Molly is a 3 yr old spayed American Bulldog mix, weighing in at about 80 lbs.  This lean, muscular girl loves being with people and will follow you from room to room, lying down at your feet wherever you go and giving tons of kisses if you let her! We are happy to report that Molly was adopted by a wonderful man who works as a beer brewery (and that Molly know officially “works” there, too!). Happy Tails, Molly!



Beautiful Princess is officially CANCER FREE after seven rounds of chemotherapy and has been adopted by her wonderful foster family. Congratulations, beautiful girl – you’re in for a wonderful life. Happy Tails, Princess!



Daisy is a young (about 6 months old) loving and playful Boxer mix. This sweet pup was initially relinquished to Pima Animal Care with a broken left front leg and kidney problems. Fortunately, a wonderful foster family took her in, and we’re happy to report Daisy has been adopted by a wonderful family committed to her medical care. Happy Tails, sweet Daisy!

Pixie (Sophie)


Pixie is a playful, happy, and full of life 10 month old spayed, female Pit Bull mix.  She was left abandoned on the streets and pulled into foster care with two very understanding fur-siblings. Despite her rough start in life, Pixie (now Sophie) has one of the BEST adoption stories. Her family lost their older dog to cancer and their younger dog, Jacob, was devastated – he lost interest in food, play, and other dogs. The adopters started bringing him to dog social events to cheer him up but *nothing* worked until he met Pixie. The two instantly clicked and have been inseparable ever since. Not only did Pixie’s adopters help save her life, but she helped save the life of a really sad dog in need of a best friend. Happy Tails to you, Pixie (Sophie) and also a very Happy Tails to Jacob, who learned how to play again because of Pixie. Best friends also make the best happy endings.



Jessie is an absolutely adorable 35 pound, 3-year-old Queensland heeler and “snuggle bug” mix.  She is crate trained, knows sit and down, and she likes to cuddle. Jessie is an incredibly sweet girl, and is quick to trust humans when given structure and guidance. Sweet Jessie was scheduled for euthanasia at the local shelter, but thanks to Bridge and her wonderful fosters, she received a much deserved second chance! Her adopter loves her and thinks that she makes an excellent hiking buddy! Happy Tails and Happy Trails to you, pretty Jessie!

Diamond and Tonto


Diamond and Tonto are both Siberian Huskies who were brought to our local shelter (together) for killing chickens (which most experienced husky owners understand is very typical of the breed). Thankfully, a husky lover stepped into save their lives, and they were able to go home together (facilitated by Bridge, because they could only be saved with rescue backing). Diamond is struggling with her eyes – she’s blind – but her adopter is taking fabulous care of her. After they were saved, their adopter went back to PACC and helped another one of their pack mates! Double Happy Tails to Diamond and Tonto, and three cheers to husky lovers!



Luna is a young, female Terrier mix who was found abandoned in Tucson.  She loves to run around and play as most puppies do!  She is very sweet and a cuddle bug and loves to be held.  She truly loves and enjoys affection. Luna gets along well with other dogs (including her new siblings!) and is thrilled to have a forever home to call her own. Happy Tails, Luna!

Sheila (Rizley)


Sheila is a beautiful 4 year old Weinheimer/pit mix (approximately 50 lbs) who was taken in as a foster through Pima Animal Care Center because she was suffering from Tick Fever and TVT. Bridge eventually pulled her into the rescue and facilitated her adoption to a wonderful family who loves her dearly and spoils her rotten! Happy Tails, sweet Rizley!



Courage is a four year old heeler mix who was on the shelter’s euthanasia list for being under socialized and skittish. Bridge was able to pull her into a foster-to-adopt home. According to her new family, she’s happily coming out of her shell, playing with other people and dogs, and has mastered the art of cuddling. Happy Tails, Courage!


Lilly Adoption

Lilly had been the heart and soul of Bridge for over a year before finding her forever home (when she came to us, she was sick with heart worm and ringworm, and had been previously used as a breeding dog). It took a long time to nurse her back to health, but Bridge was happy to do it because Lilly is the absolute sweetest, most affectionate, easy-going dog we’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Thankfully, a couple with hearts as big as our sweet Lilly’s opened up their home to her and now love her unconditionally. Happy Tails, Lilly! We’re happy you found a forever home, but please know you’re ALWAYS going to be part of our Bridge family. 

Big Red


Big Red is an approximately one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who loves to play, snuggle, and generally act like a goofball. Big Red has many adoption applications, but only one lucky home was perfect enough for our big guy to go to. Red loves his new home and new family, and we’re thrilled for him. Happy Tails, you big lug! 


Harley adopted 1

Harley is a petite, five year old pit/boxer mix who was on the euthanasia list at our local shelter for hating kennel life (a sad situation that happens every week with otherwise amazing dogs). Luckily, she found a fabulous family who offered to foster her (and then decided to adopt immediately because they loved her so much). Happy Tails to Harley, her forever family, and her pug sibling!


 Lucy and Sammy

Lucy is a stunning, young blue pit mix who was found as a stray by a good samaritan who’s family had been fostering for Bridge (he then fostered and later adopted our sweet girl). She was skinny, covered in ticks and scars, and beyond relieved to be given a soft bed to sleep on and food to fill her belly. Thanks to her wonderful adopter, Lucy is now happy, safe, and very much loved. She gets along well with other dogs and is very well behaved (she’s learning her basic commands and walks well on a leash). Despite her rough beginnings, Lucy is kind, trusting, and incredibly affectionate. Happy Tails, pretty girl!



Pepper is an absolutely beautiful, short, and compact white and blue pit mix. At 15 months, she is still very puppyish and loves to play! She is confident and sure of herself and thinks hanging out with dogs is the best way to spend her day. Pepper is smart, affectionate, and finally found the perfect family to call her own. Congrats, little Pepper and thank you to her fabulous adopters!



Jeffery is a gorgeous, two-three year old pix bull mix with beautiful, piercing blue eyes (worthy of a celebrity heartthrob, think: Brad Pitt). Jeffery is an amputee but that has never prevented him from living life to the fullest. He loves to play fetch, go on long walks, and explore the great outdoors with his foster family. Fortunately for him, his foster family fell in love and decided they couldn’t possibly live without him. Congrats, handsome man and Happy Tails to you!




Jack was pulled from Pima Animal Care Center with what was thought to be a previously broken hip injury that was healing on it’s own.  Jack had a great meet and greet with a wonderful family and he went to foster care (foster to adopt).  It was discovered that Jack’s injuries were much greater than originally thought.  Thankfully, his wonderful family didn’t care and want Jack to have the best possible life.  They are working out the best options for him to allow him the greatest flexibility of movement.  Jack has a very sweet, big protector sister and is loving life – he attends doggie day care weekly and along with being the life of the party, he is a TOTAL ham!! Fortunately for Jack, his foster to adopt family became his forever family, and we’re happy to report Jack loves life. Happy Tails, Jack!



Duncan is a 2 year old male Pit Bull who loves to play. He was rescued from the euthanasia list at our local shelter and adopted by a fabulous, very experienced family. Happy Tails, Duncan!

Sirius Black


Sirius Black is a shaggy boy with a checkered past….just kidding (but one of our board members who loves Harry Potter named him). He’s actually an ADORABLE 3 month old puppy (lab mix) who was rescued from PACC. He had ringworm and was slated for euthanasia until his wonderful foster mom (who has worked with Bridge with other dogs) stepped up to save him. Fortunately for Sirius, a very nice man fell in love with his huge ears, goofy personality, and Harry Potter themed name and patiently waited until  Sirius was available for adoption. We’re glad Sirius found his forever person! Happy Tails, Sirius! Mischief managed. 



Athena is four year old Shepard mix who was found as a stray by one of Bridge’s amazing volunteers. She is a very active dog and she would love to have a family that is active or other dog to play with. She loves to hunt lizards, play fetch, and snuggle. She does great on a leash and would love for someone to take her on hikes and long walk/runs.  Fortunately for her, Athena found a forever home happy to keep up with her energetic lifestyle! Happy Tails, Athena!