In Memory

Maggie (Tinsel)

Miss Maggie (formerly Tinsel from PACC) was saved a year ago on Christmas Eve. She was a sweet senior pittie mix battling diabetes. Tonight she passed in the loving arms of her wonderful foster, who was able to give her the best year of her life! She was definitely one lucky pup to have had such a wonderful foster family, and we can’t thank them enough. Fly free Maggie. You are tired no more.

Aunt Mae (Myrtle)


From wonderful hospice foster Jenifer Day Adams:
“It is with a great deal of sadness that I tell you that Aunt Mae (Myrtle) passed away this morning. She’s been with me for 15 months and in spite of having “old dog” problems like displaysia, and being blind and hard of hearing, she’s had the friendliest and sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever met. It’s been an honor to be with her during the last part of her journey here, and I know that the next place will find her spry, and free from pain.”

Thank you for opening your heart and home to this beautiful soul, Jenifer! — Your Bridge family



Eleven-year-old Shai was on deadline at the shelter because she had been labeled as a biter. Yes she did bite, but not because she was a mean or vicious dog dog — but because she was very scared.
She came to Bridge Rescue when a wonderful foster mom came forward, opening her heart and home to this beautiful little girl.  It was apparent on the day we pulled her that Shai had a special bond with her foster and trusted her more than anyone in the world.
Once in a calm and nurturing home, Shai blossomed and was making tremendous progress in regaining her confidence.  She loved taking her daily walks, her comfy dog bed and especially enjoying the sun and smelling the flowers in her new yard.
Sadly, in her last days Shai’s liver was failing and her foster helped us make the decision not to prolong her suffering. Her time with us was far too short, but filled with everything a pup could want. Her mom was by her side that morning to say goodbye and let her know that she is very, very loved and will be greatly missed.
No more fears. Run free and keep smelling the flowers, sweet girl.




Monty in memory

Dog rescue is not for the faint of heart. There will always be more dogs who need us than we can reach, and there will sadly be some who can’t be saved, rehabilitated or given a good quality of life despite the most valiant efforts. Bridge Rescue has a track record of helping dogs who have already been written off and who have a great deal to overcome. Some dogs steal our hearts at first contact — every dog we bring into our care takes a permanent place there as we grow with them. The fact that they continue to live and love is a huge of joy for all of us.

Sadly, there are days when the kindest, most responsible thing we can do is let a companion stop struggling and let them find peace.

Monty (Roger when we pulled him from the shelter) had a tough hand dealt to him from the beginning. He was a beautiful, fearful and somewhat unpredictable pup. He was scheduled to be euthanized in the spring because he was a bite risk.

We took a chance. Roger went through several weeks of board and train before joining the most generous and patient foster parents we could have asked for. He was renamed Monty — a new name for the start of a new life. He learned to trust his new family and canine siblings and learned what a home and love are all about. It was too short for all of us but still precious to all of us who loved him.

Monty was very ill and ran a high fever — even with IV fluids and intensive treatment it never went back to normal — for over a week and a half. He was in and out of emergency and hospitalized for several of those days. There were a lot of ups and downs: thinking we had lost him, thinking he might recover and then watching him decline again. His behavior deteriorated and he had terrible bouts of aggression, hallucinations and other very troubling neurological symptoms. After numerous negative tests, we determined that his illness was likely a severe case of meningitis. It became clear that even if Monty miraculously survived, his brain was unlikely to ever be healthy again. We decided it was kindest to let him go.

His foster Mom and case manager were with him when he was humanely euthanized. He fell asleep in comfortable, familiar arms knowing that he was very, very loved.

Run free, Monty. We love you, sweet boy.


Davis Collage

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, whether you have time to prepare or not. Bridge had to make a very difficult and emotionally fraught decision to say farewell to a wonderful and incredibly loved dog, Davis. He was kind; he was gentle. Davis loved people and dogs alike. He was a hugger, a kisser, and the kind of snuggler who could curl up with you and make all of your stresses and worries melt away. He was a dog who had a lot of chronic anxiety; in his own way, he understood the remarkable therapeutic value of kindness.

In spite of his rough beginnings, Davis had an exceptional capacity for empathy and love. Before coming to Bridge, he was adopted and returned multiple times from our local shelter and suffered from spinal stenosis. He was loved by the volunteers and staff at the shelter and they put their hearts into helping and networking him when he was on the short term rescue list. For them, we are forever grateful (and we know Davis was, too). With Bridge, he found a foster family who loved him deeply, and he returned that love a thousand fold. 

Davis ended up being really sick and all medical advice recommended ending his suffering. We’ll miss him, but we know he’s no longer in pain.

We’ll see you in another life, buddy.



Grandma Zoe, you brought so much love and joy to your foster family – we are all thankful for the months we had with you and while you will always be missed, know you’re now at peace and free from pain. Run free, sweet Zoe.


Sweet Gladys, you spent too few moments in one of our foster homes. I hope you know that you were loved by many and will never be forgotten. Run free our sweet angel.

George (Nitro)


Handsome, gentle George – while you were only part of the Bridge family for the last few weeks of your precious life, we all loved you dearly and we are honored to have known you. Run free, darling.


Dallas 1

Dallas – you were loved by everyone who met you. You came to Bridge very ill, and although you eventually succumbed to your illnesses, you brought light and love to the Bridge family. You’ll be forever in our hearts, sweet girl. Run free.